PLC Rubber Injection Molding Press(Xincheng,China)

PLC Rubber Injection Molding Press(Xincheng,China)

Rubber Injection Molding Press,Rubber Hydraulic Press,PLC Rubber Vulcanizing Presses
Rubber Injection Molding Press is an advanced rubber pressure moulding equipment with compact structure,wide applicability and high degree of automation,especially,it is suitable for producing rubber model products with metallic insert,complex shape,big cross-section and thick-wall,these products' process is complex and more difficult to form.
Clamping cylinder clamps mould first,then injection cylinder press rubber material into mould cavity uniformly.Therefore the rubber parts have precision dimension,uniform and stable performances.
It uses the high pressure pump,and middle and high pressure vane pump combination,controlled by proportional pressure &flow composite valve,hydraulic system configuration is advanced,reasonable and reliable with low noise and low energy consumption.
The main moving platen raises rapidly,clamps slowly,declines rapidly,so the efficiency is improved and the mould is protected.
It uses automatic in-out mould and ejector mechanism,reduces labor intensity and avoids the artificial damage to mould.
The electric system adopts full computer control,it is convenient for operation,it has teo working modes of point moving and semi-automation.Users can choose PLC control and 5.7 inch touch-control screen imported from siemens or mitsubishi
Preparing material is simple,fast.Production efficiency is high.

Product Origin: Qingdao,China
Model Number:  
Brand Name: Xincheng Yiming

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