Vacuum Plate Vulcanizing Press Machine,Vacuum Rubber Pres

Vacuum Plate Vulcanizing Press Machine,Vacuum Rubber Pres

Vacuum Plate Vulcanizing Press Machine
The host characteristics
4 seconds can be pre-evacuated to 600mmHg, especially suitable for the manufacture of complex productions. It can solve the problem of bubbles, fillers such as poor ordinary flat molding machine, make the yield a substantial increase.
Apply to the molding process of the molded vacuum vulcanizing rubber products. It is particular suitable for the production of various forms and seals.
Molding and vulcanization products in a vacuum environment area easier exhausted and not easy to form bubbles. The form of a single-stand and double base form, fitted with safety hoardings form, with clamping mold institutions, users can choose to use according to process requirements.
1.Manual, semi-automatic mode of operation.
2.The control system uses the well-known brands of computers, multi-select parameters and program memory mode.
3.The hydraulic system uses a well-known brand pumps, hydraulic valves, low noise, low energy consumption, with automatic pressure compensation function.
4.Vacuum pump, a well-known brand, high pumping efficiency, low noise, reliable operation.
5.The number of deflation, deflation time, curing time can be set, easy to operate.
6.Lightning exhaust, saving time.
7.The clamping mechanism using finite element structural analysis stiffness molded products flash high quality.
8.Agency action speed of combination, smooth and reliable operation.

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