Lab mixing mill by electric heating with water cooling system

Lab mixing mill by electric heating with water cooling system

Lab mixing mill by electric heating with water cooling system


Main technical parameters

purpose              Mainly for the production of carbon black
model                                            XK-160
The work roll diameter???mm???  Φ160
Roll working length ???mm???         320
The maximum working length???mm??? 280
Roller hardness  (RHC)              50-70
Roller technology                         Chromizing
Roller temperature (???)               0-300
Feed roller speed???r/min???          24
Roller speed ratio                            1:1.4
Roller controllable pitch range???mm???     0-6
Once feeling capacity???kg???             1—2
overall dimensions???mm???     approx 1280×600×1300
Drive motor power???kw???                   5.5
heating method             Electric heating (with water cooling)
Temperature controlling deviation(???)   ±2
receiver                                      stainless steel
Weight (kg)                                  about 800
Electricity standard               380V  50HZ  3PH
safety device              More than before and after touch touch type emergency stop, Emergency brake reversal
Lubricating oil filler           Lubricating grease gun
stock guide                   High temperature wear special material

Related components configuration
Motor:      DELTA 
relay:       OMRON
bearing:   NSK

Product Origin: Qingdao,China
Model Number:  
Brand Name: Xincheng Yiming

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