XK-450 Rubber Mixing Mill,Two-Roll Mixing Mill With New Design

XK-450 Rubber Mixing Mill,Two-Roll Mixing Mill With New Design

XK-450 Rubber Mixing Mill
One   Quantity                  01set
Two   Technical Parameter
      01 Diameter of roller         450mm
      02 Working length of roller    1200mm
      03 Speed of roller            v=23.47m/min
      04 Ratio speed of front and rear roller  1:1.27
      05 Roller clearance ???????????? 0.8-15mm
      06 Motor power             55kW???AC??? Voltage 380V
      07 Per batch                30~50kg
      08 Working temperature      90-110???
      09 Safety pad maximum pressure 110±3t    
      10 Transmission direction    single shaft  right-side driving
Three Structure 
      01 Roller
  Material   Chilled cast iron
  Hardness   68???75 HSD
  Rolling bearing Double row self-aligning rolling bearing(WA FANG DIAN)
  Bearing base:  Gray cast iron???Annealed processed                  4 sets
  Bearing base sealing:Gray iron cast caps, Tank seal, Not spill inside and outside 4 sets
  Roller cooling: Spray cooling method, External rotary joint
  The installation of the cooling     
  Water temperature display (Sensors and instrumentation)               2 sets
  Roller lubrication: Oil pump the-style automatically dilute oil lubrication   
      02 The base and chassis
 The base: 250 × 250H steel welded, Aging treatment, Large milling machine processed,
 Ensure the flatness    
 Chassis: Welded by steel plate, Annealed processed                                  
 Gland: Gland thickness of 70mm,2 per head of the gland screw
     03 Roller clearance adjustment
 Adjust range :0.8???15mm
 Adjust method: by manual, Worm, Screw drive 
      04 Stock guide                                                     1 set
 Type:    Fixed
Material: steel material
 05 Reel:Steel plate welded structure    1set
 06 Reducer                          1set
Gear Box:ZSYF355 Hardened square box reducer
Gear Box with motor coupling: the sprocket chain drive

Product Origin: Qingdao,China
Model Number:  
Brand Name: Xincheng Yiming

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